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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Staying Thin Being IT Software Consultant

Here are some tips and tricks for staying thin sitting on your butt everyday being a IT Software Consultant. I have consulting for over 5 years and my job mostly consists of sitting on my bum all day typing emails, code, word docs, excel docs, etc. and this makes me seriously non-active. All I do is slam on the keyboard and don't use any of my other body parts which makes my occupation' activity directly related to my gut. So I have been working on this new dieting plan that in conjunction with a moderate workout plan has been helping me lose weight. At the end of last year, I was about 212 lbs. I am not 190, and it has only been 3 months which I'm pretty happy about. Take a look at my plan and see if can work for you:

Morning: 1 Cup Black Coffee w/2 Tsp of Sugar - 30 calories w/caffeine to keep my metabolism up = 30
Mid-Morning: 1 Cup/Danon's Greek Yogurt w/Organic Raspberry Preserves (1 Tbsp)  - 120 cal
Lunch: 1 Can Tuna and as much spicy brown mustard or reg mustard as you want/1 string cheese/1 pkg of whole almonds - 120 + 60 + 100 = 280
Mid-Afternoon: Orange, 1 String Cheese, 1 Pkg Whole Almonds, 1 Cup Black Coffee w/2 Tsp of Sugar : 60 + 60 + 70 + 100 + 30 = 320
Dinner/After work:Chicken Breast/Pork Tenderloin Serving w/Veggies - 500 calories
Post Workout: 1 Scoop of Gold Standard Natural Whey Protein w/2 Tsp of Benefiber (Orange) and 1 Cup of Organic Fat-free Milk: 120 + 30 + 90 = 240

Total Calories: 30 + 120 + 280 + 320 + 500 + 240 = 1480
Estimated Normal Calorie Burn: 2000 - (25 yrs, 5'9, 175 lbs) - this is where I want to be, weight wise
Net Loss: 520
Workout: 650 calorie burn (use Treadmill calories burn counter based on weight)

Total Net Loss Per Day: 650 + 520 = 1170

For every 3500 calories that you burn, you estimated 1 lbs. of fat loss. Try it out ,  it has worked for me, I have lost 22 lbs over 3 months time. 

I hope this helps and good luck!

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Brandon Schofield said...

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