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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My adventures in WPF - Intro to WPF Series

This will be a first post in the series of articles around WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). I will be using examples of real work in an example format of the challenges I have faced when working with this technology. I feel that a blog series devoted to understanding WPF is needed because it is a very different platform for .NET Developers and when moving to WPF/Silverlight there is a steep learning curve whether people admit it or not. Just because you know Microsoft .NET does not mean that you will be sufficient at WPF/Silverlight which I find so many business people think is true.

I will also be posting reference articles that I feel have helped me along the way to understand this new Microsoft technology. I will admit that WPF is a rewarding technology to use and if used correctly can create amazing applications for businesses and individuals. However, with any new technology there are always critics and skeptics but I am here to blog that its possible to learn this technology and I am going to show you how! Stay tuned for my first post about "diving into databinding".