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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to show deleted projects in Team Foundation Server

If you are using Team Foundation Server in any version, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 you may run across a problem that may not be easy to solve. Sometimes when you are creating and deleting branches in Team System if you delete a branch or directory you most likely will not see it after you delete it. The problem is that by default Visual Studio does not show deleted projects. So, in order to enable this:

This is useful because Team System, all versions, continue to keep your project/branch directories around even after you delete them through Visual Studio Source Control. There is another way to completely remove the project/branch from Team Foundation Server. You can use the command line tool that comes with Visual Studio Tools that get installed alongside your Visual Studio Intallations. The path the tool lives in  :\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common7\IDE and is available from the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt:

In order to delete branches you need call the tf delete command. You call you tf delete /? to see how to use the command. It is pretty easy. I used this article for reference >

Good luck and happy Lifecycle Management!