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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to get started with programming - Microsoft Ramp Up Program

If you are new to programming or just getting back into the mix you have to check out Microsoft's Ramp Up program. This new offering from Microsoft offers an abundance of knowledge, training, and video tutorials for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users for free.  I have personally signed up for the offering by creating a Windows Live ID logging into the website. In a short amount of time I have been able to get up-to-speed in several technology areas that I needed help with. The content is straight-forward and simple.

From the initial onset, Microsoft is really trying to help customers get a grasp of their products for free. I highly recommend this for all programmers whether you are a novice or easoned veteran this site offers a great wealth of knowledge. They offer many different types of learning paths and topics. Topics include: Silverlight Development, Share Point Development, Java Developers: Intro to Microsoft .NET, PHP Developers: Intro to ASP.NET.

Take a look at the site here -

If this program seems like something that may interest you and you would like to get a more official training approach I would check out  . I have personally used them for my .NET training in the past and it has been the best I have ever found on the internet.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dyanmic Controls in ASP.NET - From the field

In any enterprise application there is always the need for dynamic content based on some set of business rules and/or criteria. As an ASP.NET developer sometimes we have the opportunity to drop a control on web page and bind it some data list and call it a day. However, there are some times when we need the structure and layouts of our pages to dynamically change. For this reason, we need to dig deeper into the engine and understand the page life cycle. For brevity, I am not going to get into the complete life cycle but talk about the important gotchas for dynamic control rendering.

There are some "gotchas" when creating dynamic controls in ASP.NET.
  • You need to know that if you need to access the values in the controls on the "post back" of the page you need to create the controls in the "OnInit" event.

  • When adding dynamic controls to a page, it is usually helpful to know where these controls will be located at in the page hierarchy.
  • If you add the controls in the "Page_Load" method , you will not be able to capture their values.
  • It makes sense to put your controls in some type of container so when you collect the values from the controls you know where to look. This is important because when you capture the data from the controls you will only be able to find the control if it belongs in the container you specify.

It helps to understand what is happening when the page executes and why we need to code like this. This may sound incorrect but in order for our pages to work correctly, we need to create our controls twice , 1 time on the initial load and 1 time on the post back. The reason we need to do is this is because when the page posts back from the initial load the control hierarchy does not exist anymore, i.e it is not in memory for us to access. This is why we needed to add our controls and create our page hierarchy on every page load regardless if the page is posting back or not.

This is an initial post on dyanmic controls in ASP.NET. I will post more in-depth articles in later posts. I wanted to illustrate that creating dynamic controls is somewhat advanced skill to master in the ASP.NET stack. I also wanted to show an example of one way you create dynamic controls.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

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