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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google Wave - Next Generation Web

Google's Wave product was just released to 100,000 test users yesterday. Google Wave is a 
new product from Google that offers a complete real-time interaction with an endless number 
of people simultaneously. You can check out the link here at . Here is a 
screen shot of what it looks like. The first shot is main dashboard. The second shot is a detail 
view of the concurrent real-time edit mode.

Google Wave currently is only available for limited preview. You have to register with Google to 
be able to download and demo the product. From yesterday there were 100,000 users allowed 
to download and use the product. Also, each test user was given 8 additional invites to allow 
additional users to use the product. As this product is still very early in its life cycle, we should 
see more features being put into this product with customer reviews early on. Hopefully, Google 
will release more invites out to the community for others.

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