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Monday, May 19, 2008

Speaking at the Cleveland Day of .NET

Being that it was my first presentation ever, I was a little nervous about getting up in front of 50 or so other developers and talking about LINQ to SQL. LINQ itself is not that hard to talk about from a 10,000 ft. view but where things start to get blurry is when you try to show people how things work with demos. I had spent most of my time working on getting all the powerpoint material (slides, notes, speaking material) perfect without using notecards or anything like that but what I thought would be a breeze was the code.

Obviously not, I had developed the demos about a week prior and they were all working fine then. However, when I was actually giving the demo I ran into a few problems. My Query Analyzer threw an exeception, my debugger decided to stop working, and I forgot where to go to show everyone how to implment Stored Procedures over manual LINQ code. Anyways, aside from those issues everything else I think went well. I will take what I have learned from this exeperience and make myself better for the next time. I really do enjoy speaking about technology and how it can make our lives more efficient and productive.

You can download the sample code and slides at the link below.


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